Launching Soon!

Benefits for Lawyers

You’ll be able to find experts for litigation quickly and simply. There is no need to register. Just enter the area of expertise that you are looking for. Alternatively there will be an advanced search button for more options including location and keyword searching.

Benefits for Experts

UK Expert List is going to be heavily promoted across a range of legal publications, including Personal Injury Brief Update, the highest circulation in the PI industry. This is going to be the place to be if you want to get the maximum number of requests from lawyers.

We offer very comprehensive details to enable lawyers to see exactly what you can offer them.

Benefits for Drug companies

We will take all the hassle out of searching for your ideal expert.

Company Entries

Company entries are also available, allowing full details for up to four experts per company.

All entries placed before the official launch will be entirely free!

Registration is entirely free during the pre-launch phase. Your free entry will also continue for 3 months after the launch, so register now, you have nothing to lose! ┬áJust email us your details and we’ll get them added to the site.

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