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Car accidents are unfortunate events that can have a rippling impact on the rest of your life. A bad car accident or a dishonest person can make an already traumatic experience even worse. The key to getting through this process is knowing who to go to for help when the situation arises.

Our lawyers are well versed in what helping you do what it takes to get the settlement you deserve. The last thing you need after a car accident is to deal with disloyal or even worse, incompetent law practices that add more confusion to the situation.

The team at Gruber Law has the expertise, passion, and heart to handle your case with care and compassion.

Although licensed drivers are expected to take full responsibility for their conduct on the road, you can never be sure how a person on either side of a car accident will react.

If you’re at fault, we have the ability to protect you from overpaying on your settlement. If you’re on the other side of the accident, we can ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

What Can A Lawyer Do For You In Either Situation?

One of the most convenient parts of working with an attorney is their ability to handle all the communication. There’s lots of dialogue that needs to happen after a car accident. You need to communicate with insurance companies, the other party’s lawyers while gathering and organizing your evidence at the same time. Doing all this work while you’re injured is just unacceptable.

Working with a law firm you trust during this difficult time will allow you to focus purely on recovering. Imagine having to present your evidence to an insurance company just so that they’ll honor your coverage. Your ability to work and provide for your family may be affected, yet you’re still required to “prove” your case.

Our law firm will spearhead this part of dealing with a car accident for you and allow you to focus on recovering. No one deserves the added stress of dealing with insurance companies!

The bottom line is having a lawyer on your side evens the playing field. In the best case scenario, a lawyer will alter the playing field in your favor. Having someone who knows how these cases work and how insurance companies operate will help you immensely. Your lawyer has the ability to point out clear advantages you probably didn’t know you had and also legally guide you through an unfortunate situation.

We want to hear your story. We’re interested in the details that only you remember. Our firm operates from a place of understanding, which is the best way for us to offer you value.

Areas Of Expertise

Gruber Law is well versed on all the different emphases that car accident situations bring to the table. Some of our attorneys have a strong grasp on personal injury, others on protecting liable clients. Whatever the situation, we have a team of highly trained professionals able to handle your concerns.

Gruber Law deals with all types of car accidents. If you’ve suffered from any of the following injuries, we want to hear your story!

Diaphragm ruptures

Hip, leg and foot fractures

Sprains and strains

Injury to the trachea

Trauma to the brain

Brain injury from jolting or piercing

If you’ve had a car accident, the bottom line is you don’t need any additional stress. Gruber Law does all the legwork for our clients. Whether its negotiating settlements, filing claims, obtaining evidence, gathering witness statements, collecting bills and filing medical records, our team will help you get and stay organized and moving towards a positive result.

Trying to deal with a car accident situation alone is great if you’re looking for additional stress. Working with someone with industry specific knowledge releases you from an immense burden. Let one of our team members be your legal champion and create a positive end to an unfortunate situation!

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